love cable

love cable/Tonmeister has been officially established in Holland as a brand name and company on the first of october 2013.

See “IMPRINT” for company details.

While 2013 is sounding fresh we have more than three decades of experience in creating cables for professional audio (both stage and studio) as well as for the High-End Audio/Audiophile end-users.

love cable was started not because there was a lack of audio cable companies. Rather the opposite, so we had more than doubts to start another audio cable company, but we felt obliged to do so for the concerned musician and music lover, as we found that the cables we design do make a difference.

We have spent quite some time during the last 20+ years auditioning virtually everything we could get our hands on and anything we could think of for cross-reference, to ensure we could deliver reliable quality cables with a strong bias towards value for money.

Our cables do not bear ridiculous names or marketing terms such as: ‘Ultimate’, ‘Reference’, ‘Extreme’… or what some marketing geek makes up… no ‘Voodoo’ or quantum physics and no exotic alloys or other mysterious metallurgic potions in our cables.

The name love cable was chosen because we wanted a universal name, a term that virtually everybody on this planet is able to pronounce or express.

love cable goes back to basics with cables brought back to the pure essence, with a no ‘overkill’ design approach (as most often that doesn’t equate towards a true and ultimate musical experience) but a cost-no-object design principal. A strong focus on pure materials and proven geometry and construction principals dating back to the early 1950’s and late 1970’s lie at the base of all our cable designs.

love cables are made with the purest quality long crystal oxygen free copper. Further we use Biological Dutch flax and the purest Dutch beeswax to eliminate vibrations and protect against any form of degradation. As of May 2016 all our cable connections are lacquered with a chemical free 100% organic shellac after soldering (we solder with lead free/flux free 3.8% Ag Solder) to protect against oxidation. Besides the shellac we use, all our RAW materials and parts are sourced within the European Union and USA.

While not cheap love cables certainly have a superb value for money. Some say that due to their sound and build quality they are perhaps the best bargain on the market.

All we know is that love cables are as honest as cables get.

love cables are made with pride and love in The Netherlands.

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