love cable/Tonmeister has been officially established in Holland as a brand name and company on the first of October 2013.

While 2013 is sounding fresh we have more than three decades of experience in creating cables for professional audio (both stage and studio) as well as for the High-End Audio / Audiophile end-users. The company has been established out of a passion for music and a strong believe that the price and the quality of the product should be in balance. We want to keep the prices fair and advise our customers to go for the best option which matches their musical setup and budget. All cables are handmade and come with a lifetime warranty. We believe in long term happy customers and will go further than anyone in making sure we deliver what we promise. We deliver custom orders at every price level. Feel free to ask for references. Our customers love sharing their experiences.

love cables are cables for the serious musician and sound engineer. love cable delivers instrument cables, patch cables, microphone cables, SPDIF, AES/EBU and ethernet cables.

love cable also produces OEM cables.


The Tonmeister brand is a sub brand of love cable and delivers interconnect cables, phono-cables, AC and DC power cables, SPDIF, AES/EBU, ethernet and loudspeaker cables. Where love cable satisfies most of the high demanding music lovers, we have taken it even a step further with our flagship products under the Tonmeister brand, those cables are produced in small quantities. Here we use materials of the absolute best quality with a transparency and quality level which is rare in the market. At some of our products (and the Lipinski Sound products) you see that we offer ETI connectors of their KRYO line as upgrade, we have chosen those connectors after extensive comparisons with numerous other connectors on the market and found that the ETI connectors are adding value to the sheer musical performance that Tonmeister and Lipinski Sound are known for. For more info visit their webpage: This will delight even the most demanding music lover in search of that ultimate playback.

Tonmeister also advices on and delivers tailor made acoustical solutions.

All Tonmeister products are custom made to order after we have discussed your needs and expectations.

We are proud to represent Lipinski Sound products, a brand that needs no introduction.

Lipinski Sound gear is used Worldwide for recording, mixing and mastering by companies such as: Mobile Fidelity, Warner Bros., United Recording, Universal, NYU, McGill University, Moscow Conservatory, AfterMaster, etc. etc.

Lipinski Sound Monitoring is in our opinion the absolute summum in accurate music reproduction and has an unbeatable value for money.

Further we are able to deliver many other A/V brands as long as we are convinced that it is a product worth its investment. We believe that a purchase is not a fashion but a serious matter.

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