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Product Description

The PRO SERIES 1 LCUSB-REF Reference USB Cable is a professional true 90 Ohm USB cable with heavy shielding and low capacity (+/- 60 pF/m) to ensure optimal and unaltered data transfer. This results in better transients with a realistic soundstage and analog-like smoothness.

A digital signal is different than an analog signal, as it is a square wave instead of a sine wave. This digital audio USB signal is a data flow model that travels through the cable in real-time, without the ability to request a resend if there are errors. This is called isochronous communication, meaning that the digital square waves traveling down the pair of data wires in a USB cable are sent in a timed pattern. While the data is carried in packages, essentially this is a continuous stream with a few bits set aside for the protocol and the data organization.

Noise buildup is a problem to tackle. The twisted pair of data wires need to be exactly equal in length, and symmetrically twisted. Careful consideration of wire metallurgy is important, but it is not as important as wire architecture and wire gauge. The twisted construction needs to be consistent or otherwise timing inconsistencies in the form of signal phase shifting will occur.

This cable sports Mesh-Wire + Mylar-Aluminium foil shielding for both the + and – data conductors plus one overall Mesh Shielding of both data sections. Further it uses an oversized separate 5 Volt power section to eliminate noise that normally might be generated by the power supply resulting in additional timing errors.

To use this USB-Y cable you need two USB-A ports if your receiver needs the 5V power (used for the so called ‘hand-shake’ or used for full operation, depending on your setup) if your receiver does not need the 5V power, you can leave the power line unplugged.

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Length (in meter)

0.75 m, 1.00 m, 1.25 m, 1.50 m, 2.00 m


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