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By far, the best sounding frequency response – sparkly highs, definitive lows – was this grey cable (love cable PRO HIC) Jeff Baxter (Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers)

Dear love cable,

We got the cables and I am really happy with the sound!

We had several demonstrations and everybody was able to hear the difference between them and our present cables.

The difference on a clean guitar is more obvious than on the distorted guitars (just for info).

Acoustics sound beautiful with the PRO TIC cable (we’ve tested on several very expensive guitars and it really shows why the guitars are so expensive 🙂

On distorted electric guitars (with both PRO CIC and PRO TIC cable) it was amazing that with our current cable coiled on the floor there was feedback, with the love cables – a very stable system (not a sign of feedback).

– Kiril Yanev, teacher at National Academy of Music in Sofia (Bulgary)

Hi love cable,
How are things there?

I’m using the cables you made for me all the time in my home studio getting ready for recording my new studio album at the end of this month. I couldn’t be happier with the performance and quality build of the cables.

I have a feeling of confidence when I use them. It means all my energy can go into the creative process and I’m not distracted by the reliability issues I’ve had with so many cables in the past.

Huge thanks for all the wonderful work you have done .

– Blaze Bayley, former lead singer of Iron Maiden.

Blaze Bayley is using the PRO TIC instrument cable and the PRO SERIES 1 Microphone Cable / Balanced Cable

More info on Blaze can be found on his website:

Translated from Dutch:

Only a double blind test are sufficient to disprove all the pros and cons on the Internet fora. If your home has high end audio equipment and features a couple of critical ears (absolutely necessary!) it is immediately apparent that the music playback improves dramatically after plugging in love cable power cords, interconnects, an SPDIF cable, speaker cables and even their LAN cables which I compared with the multiple times more expensive Audioquest Diamond series.

Loudspeakers seem to work effortless, the instruments and voices are reproduced in a natural way and are placed perfectly in the room.

I myself spent years as a non believer regarding “the cable stories” but after I accidentally came in contact with love cable I am now convinced that good wiring earns just as much attention as any component. Unfortunately there is the associated price tag, but that counts for all the gear that I own.

The company’s products and service are unsurpassed workmanship and today a rarity. Do not listen to opinions of others but do a listening test at home and let YOUR ears decide who is telling the truth.

– Monnes, a Belgian audiophile enthousiast who switched to a system completely wired with love cable

love cable price / quality = unbeatable!
Let yourself blow away with its sound performance

I’m a big Fan 😉

– Koen Vaessen, Vaessen Audio Design – high end loudspeaker manufacturer (Belgium)

Love Cable, use it always, anywhere, any time.

Only the best for ma basssss!!!

– Erwin Sommen, professional bass player (The Netherlands)

Love Cable in the house!

Full, dynamic recordings without nonsens!

– Michel Verkempinck, professional guitarist & music teacher (Belgium)

“Love-ing” my new cables!
Did a session yesterday with Jeff Baxter on guitar.
I was truly amazed… there IS a difference, folks!!

– Cj Vanston, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist (United States)

Today I received a SPDIF interconnect from love cable and it looks and sounds beautiful!!!
Thank you Noël for this great product!!!

– Theo J. Schraven, ArTTone (The Netherlands)

I don’t always play bass, but when I do I try to do it like Steve Harris 😉 Recording bass for Rime Of The Ancient Mariner for the upcoming Nylon Maiden album. I’m using this ultra thin love cable which sounds great!

– Thomas Zwijsen, professional guitarist & bassist (Netherlands)

love cable is TOP quality for a vintage setup.

Highly recommended!

– Maarten van der Staal, guitar player (The Netherlands)

FINALLY my studio is all hooked up with LOVE CABLES!!!!! And the difference is enormous: the amount of details is unreal, even at very low volumes I can now mix. Thank u love cables for putting so much !!!! BEST CABLE EVER !!!

– Alessandro Calemme, composer, producer and sound engineer (Italy / United States)

I’ve been playing with love cable the past two years. I have one of the first models and it has lasted for about 250 gigs. No disturbing sounds from cell phones, antennas or what not. The cable that does what it promises. Perfect definition, and reproduction of the intended timbre (both acoustical & electrical) is beyond perfection!

– Arjan Verdoorn, professional guitarist & music teacher (The Netherlands)

Hi Noel
I have heard your cables. The finish is really beautiful, but more important: they deliver a very beautiful sound.
Combined with decent speakers they sound even better.


– Merijn Plasschaert, hifi enthousiast (The Netherlands)

Listening Steve Ray Vaughn on my my tube gear with Love cable.


– Peter Domanski – hifi enthousiast & musician

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